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How to download a file I seed onto the same hard drive?


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I am a newby, so first of all - thank you for your support and creating this forum! :)

My question might make you laugh - I don't mind.

Now, to the point:

I'd like to create a torrent linked to a file on my pc and then, I'd like to seed it in the same time downloading it without making it public. Can one do it?

Some possible solutions I thought about:

1) Use one computer with two torrent programs (eg. bittorent and utorrent) use one program to seed and another to download (preferable, but I have tried and it doesn't work, probably some proxy is needed, but I don't know a thing about proxy)

2) Use two computers (already not good, a lot of effort...) make a private torrent, seed with one pc and download with another (I have tried it with two laptops connected to the same wifi, and it didn't work, probably because it was the same ip, can you get around it somehow?)

3) Use seedbox and download the uploaded files back (rather expensive I guess, however my friend has some space on a normal server, can I make my own kind of private 'seedbox' with it?)

Which of these 3 is possible and how? Any suggestions?

If there is any other way to do it, please let me know! The goal is to download via torrent a file I already have. It is a private file and I musn't make it public.

It's all about the corruption only (to my knowledge) incomplete torrent download presents. I have tried downloading in other ways (eg. google drive) but without much success. But maybe you know of another program/website where downlowading process is similar (I think it's all about sort of 'cloud' of information that gets mixed up when incomplete, but I don't know really).

Thank you in advance for any help! :D

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hey Dread, thanks :)

I want to start file download via utorrent. The file is on my hard drive. I want to download it to a different location on the same hard drive - one pc involved. I do not want it to get public as it is private. I think that sums up the case, cheers!

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