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Possible to create a "temp" folder, "complete" folder scheme?


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I usually tend to download between 20 and 30 gigs of information into my phone at a time over an average array of over 100 torrent files. Two things that make this task problematic are a) the fact that my phone has less than 10 gigs available at a time for the extra data and b ) the fact that downloading straight to my SD is RIDICULOUSLY slow, thus making it necessary to babysit the files as they download and finish.

The solution I'm looking for is to have Utorrent create a temporary directory on the phone itself for files still being downloaded from which any completed files would be moved to a designated folder on the SD card.

Is there a feature native to Utorrent Android that will allow me to create such an organizational scheme?

While I'm at it, a secondary--but no less painful--issue is the sheer amount of files I'm dealing with. In Windows or Linux, I can simply execute a series of torrent files at once and add them to the client's queue, whereas in Android I've been forced to painstakingly initiate each file one at a time. Is there a short cut?

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