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Possible to run uTorrent as a service


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Running uTorrent as a service I read read many years ago here on the forum. At the time I did copy how to do it but over time have lost this. I think it didn't need much only uTorrent maybe and something to do with XP to make it happen.


I run uTorrent in portable mode. So all the uTorrent files remain in the utorrent folder (not downloads) which is a nice clean way to run utorrent.


If someone knows how to do this for XP it a quick guide would be appreciated.


Or a link to a forum post for this. I did do a search but so many and the search not returning results for what I need.



Older utorrent if it all this makes a difference for running utorrent as a service normally runs 24/7 so service would be more beneficial and making more sense to do so I now think.

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This makes no sense here. Utorrent wasn't made for a service running but individual usage. Think of Napster and how it was killed-that should be all you need to know. I ran utorrent in XP in the past without problems so not sure why you can't just run a utorrent on a XP machine. Utorrent isn't made for running like a Server that everyone connects to isn't what it was made for.

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A service that is added to the service list. Run ''services.msc /s'' for the service list.

Not a web site or similar service. Just run uTorrent as normal but instead run it as a service. Any software can be run as a service but is the knowing how to do it is what is needed. Running as a service is then more in line with system processing etc for smoother running uTorrent.



Inet search find usuals Srvany etc then find NSSM which is better has a gui well need to batch call or or call from CLI >nssm install or >nssm install utorrent and it will open

That it I set enviroment variables to path where nssm is located first. You would need a path to it drive:/path/nssm.exe install

Edit is nssm edit service_name

service-name for example could be uTorrent or whatever else you set the service name.


Things is OK it runs in the background when running but cannot see the uTorrent GUI . That is neither do I want to use any webUI if this version has one. Prefer uTorrent GUI that I'm used to for controlling uTorrent.


Dammednation NSSM why not just let us run the nssm.exe where a GUI pops up so we can add or chose service to edit etc would be much easier. LOL not that devs will read this, maybe though someone else will and suggest if they know the devs or their email, not that I would.


Well that is far as I got so far, maybe someone else find the way to do and write a guide with pictures or make a video to show at youtube somewhere other will easy find it.


Have also spotted firedaemon maybe that works better, who knows.


The problem then is when service is started then launch uTorrent it cannot because then two instances (I only need one). The way I envisaged was when launch uTorrent from desktop icon that NSSM or whatever would intercept and launch it as a service with normal uTorrent GUI etc on desktop showing. I think something maybe I have wrong or don't understand. Well it is the way I see it I have other software services that they can show their GUIs.


reading aloud 'Ignore this': Deluge a torrent client like that what uTorrent used to be before it became bloat with adverts and such. Yes also reading it isn't portable but does run as a service and can show its own GUI.


BTW how secure would a utorrent service be any less secure than it is normally when run as a service with GUI interface able to be shown. Well thats another reason not to ever use a web interface with any torrent client or other client. Unless you only use it for developer software updates linux, debian and others etc.


excuse the chitterings this forum is quiet with a capital Q, no longer busy as it used to be.

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I have found other softwares that may be able to do this better, I have yet to try them.

The problem last time was a utorrent service would run only if started the service manually. I couldn't get utorrent service and utorrent UI to run when run using utorrent icon. When I did get things to run would then error having 2 instances of utorrent trying to run.

: Run utorrent so it's UI shows as would do normal. Except when run utorrent it does so as a service process instead of a process. Will try other softwares soon to see what they can do.

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