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uTorrent crashes when trying to download using rss feed


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Whenever I try to download a torrent through the rss feed feature, there is a high likelihood that utorrent will crash. This is inconvenient enough, but then when I re-open utorrent, utorrent treats this torrent as already added to the list of torrents, but it's nowhere to be found in the downloads. Trying to add it again from the rss list then causes it to crash 100% of the times I've tried it. I've had to use Vuze to download new TV shows, and it's slow and horrible. Please help me if you can.

Please find the link to my rss.dat here:  https://mega.nz/#!ulN1lQaB!xBtHeaQ8bqQFMepEDRKfcVHeAHW8zP76estoKCohTIs


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