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Never had a problem till now..... Need help ASAP please


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Hey guys I've never had a problem with my utorrent for a over a year now until now.......the problem is I have no idea what I've done. Here are some things that I may of done to effect it. I unpluged my external hard drive and when it wasn't turned on I tried to add a torrent. After that it asked me what program I wanted to select and I may of accidently selected photoshop as my main program for torrents.

But next here's the problem.........a pop up window appears and I get 2 or 3 green bars showing a small percentage is downloading, the problem is it's going nuts. It's flashing this message like every second of two and my whole comp is just freezing because of this pop up download windown that won't go away!!!!!! What the hell have I done?

I tried right clicking utorrent to assosiate my files with utorrent but I can't!!! Even my .torrent files no longer have the utorrent image that used to be on them. I did recently install widows 7.0 beta, could that be the problem?

Any help would be great,



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