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uTorrent working oddly


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Hi all ! 

I've been using uTorrent for almost forever and I've just installed it again on my new laptop (Windows 10 64bit) and It's acting wierd...

The App is realllllllllyyyyyy slooooowww ! The windows takes 10 or 15 seconds to appear when launching (by magnets or other) and it's completely bugged ! I can't move it or do anything. Windows says that it's not responding and it stays that way for more than a minute or two. (Picture attached)

Then it works fine... Kinda... It downloads normaly but shutting it down can be equally as long. 

I've tried uninstalling it though windows but it just wont. Nothing happens. When trying through ccleaner I get an error message saying that it can't find the file. 

I've downloaded the installer on both http://www.utorrent.com/intl/fr/ and Clubic.com but no luck... 

I hope you can help me solve my problem or at least tell me how to uninstall it properly.




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uTorrent apps are HTML and Javascript compilations which are specifically built to run from within uTorrent. The concept of uTorrent apps is similar to browser extensions: to add more functionalities to the main software while still giving users full control on what functionalities they want to add.To start using uTorrent apps, click on the “Apps” menu on the left pane of the uTorrent window. You will see a list of available apps. At the time of writing there are already seventeen apps in the repository, and the developer has promised that more are on the way. To add one of the apps functionality to uTorrent, click the “Install” button. You can also download the apps from the uTorrent Apps website in the form of “.btapp” files.

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I have the same problem, the interface just lock up and I can't do absolutely nothing. New PC (Win 10 64 bits) and uTorrent 3.4.5 (build 41865).

Tried reinstall, ccleaner, malware scan, virus scan, firewall and antivirus off, scan corrupt files... nothing works.

Thank you,




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I have the exact same issue. And im getting annoyed so i been doing some random tests in uTorrent.

After i disabled Disk Cache completely inside uTorrent it seems to run a bit faster. Atleast it went from minutes to a few seconds.

So i hope it will work for the upcoming time.

//Edit: unfortunately after restarting it, it's back to being slow. I'll keep having a look.

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