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Slow DSL download, Fast over LTE


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I've been reading every documentation i could for the last 5 months (no kidding) to solve my slow download problem over utorrent... in vain. So i'm here asking for your help :)

The situation is pretty messed up, uTorrent's download speed is very very slow with my DSL connection 99% of the time, rarely it can go fast (around 1.4 Mb/sec) but most of the time it is slow. However, if i connect my phone as a modem to my computer, the download speed is fast as it should be.

The difference i could tell between both scenarios is that over LTE, uTorrent can download faster from the same peers (See CPC77403 Peer), or it can literally connects to even more peers than it the case over DSL. (See the attached DSL and LTE pictures).

As you can see also in the attached files, iTunes can be downloaded at 1.359 Mb/sec... all these testing are done minutes away from each others.

I have followed troubleshooting advices available "Here" without any luck... even port forwarding didn't work !

Help me please !

Thanks a lot






Router Forwarding :


uTorrent Settings :

Utorrent port.JPG

Utorrent Settings.JPG

Download speed (iTunes) : 


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