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ISP Blocking?


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How can I tell if my ISP is blocking uTorrent?

I have been downloading with no problems for years, and just the other day, it stopped.  I thought that maybe it was the update to 41865 that I recently did, but I had an old installer for 3.3, and the same thing happens.  The symptoms are that all tracker connections time out and when I try using the Setup Guide, the Network test passes, but the Bandwidth test fails with error 10053 - "Data send error: A local networking problem closed the connection.  I have read other posts which seem to have similar symptoms and have tried reinstalling, disabling my firewall and antivirus, redoing the port forwarding on the router and the firewall.  I have also tried downloading from slackware, and I get "Proxy connect error: Error -130569."

OS: Windows 7
Version: uTorrent (3.3 as well, same thing)
ISP: Shaw Cable
Windows Firewall, AVG Free


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