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Interface not responding issue


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After a certain amount of time since uTorrent restart, its interface stops responding: we can't neither do anything in the uT window not close it. If the window wasn't open when the issue appeared we can't open it by double click on the tray icon. If the window was open we can switch to it but that's all. The application itself works OK though: it continues uploading and downloading, the Web interface is also available. But resume.dat isn't being updated anymore. The amount of time uT works till "interface lost" varies from 20-30 min to a few hours; generally it is between 1 and 2 hours.

The issue appears only if resume.dat is very big. Mine is >20 MiB, there's over 11500 torrents in there. Fixing resume.dat with BEncode Editor doesn't help. All uT versions from 1.8 (the one I generally use) to the latest build are affected. Actually, I can't work at all with uT v2/v3 'cause the interface get lost before uT completes its initialization.

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