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Really unofficial todo


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1. option to ban bitcomet/lord/spirit

2. improve the scheduler (more granularity, multiple limited speeds for different times of day, limited seeding mode)

3. put a per-torrent option to bypass scheduler

4. per-label/tracker options

5. add better seeding rules

6. editing the properties of multiple torrents at once

7. custom port blocks

8. make various RSS improvements http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=6302

9. add regex as alternative for RSS

10. add an option to download PROPER and RARFIX (which requires remembering the rss feed it got the original from)

11. allow range of ports

12. improve ipfilter to be fully compatible with eMule format

13. add support for %s in search engine

14. improve disk cache to automatically make finished pieces available in read cache

15. add secondary sorting to the various tabs

16. pause torrent for X minutes

17. fix this DFS thing http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=10901

18. make auto-load option that works like btmanycurses (remove a torrent from auto-load folder = remove from torrent list)

19. make "Put new downloads in" and auto-load check "Completed downloads" folder for already completed torrents too

for some future version...

1. console mode

2. command line switches for full control of program

3. linux version

4. finish UDP NAT traversal someday

5. find a way to get around the windows system cache like BC does

This is really really unofficial, ludde has not commented on ANY of these options. It's just I need a list of stuff to suggest to him.

Something being on this list is ZERO GUARANTEE that it'll ever get implemented.

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Azureus DHT is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too complex. Still not out of the realm of possibilities, but unlikely.

Ultima: automatic banning, not manual. And well, it's just something I've been mulling about. Plus BC gets on my nerves.

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for 1.6.1, here's a small todo.. :P



for some future version:

24. find a way to get around the windows system cache like BC does

i think that improving the memory usage is more important than adding features like "16. pause torrent for X minutes"

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Banning BitComet? There's got to be a thread explaining that bomb shell somewhere right? Can I get a link?

I'd search for it but what term would I use? "Bitcomet" "ban", too many results.


24 hours and no response. Not even a comment like "search you lazy bastard!".

I'm going to assume this is an idle threat put forth by anti-BitComet trolls. Like when LimeWire threatens to ban Shareaza from the Gnutella network. More of a PR move that anything.

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