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Highly Unstable Speeds


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Xp Sp2 Windows Firewall, AVG free,

ADSL(Advertised @512dwn/125up) > D-link 302g-rev.C > Ethernet > Computer

Speed Test - 338dwn/90up

Ok, here's what is happening....

My download speeds vary from 52 down to 0 on every torrent I try. I've tried with the Win32_intell_install as a test and found the same results. My current download has an Avail of over 15 (Whatever that means)

The torrent gradually builds up speeds to around 50 holds it for about 10 secs and then goes down to 0 over about 10 secs in a classic Sine wave pattern. It then repeats this pattern. Is this normal? Most torrents Avg at about 10Kbs.

I have had to Enabl PE, set Upload limit to 7Kbs, Up slots to 1, Glb Torrents to 1, Disable uPnP and throtle down global conections to 50 just to get to this point. I have also run the Sys patch with various settings to get to this point. It is currently at 50. When using uTorrent, MSN signs out sporadically and IE and Mozzila become unusable. This to me points to a router problem. Could uTorrent be flooding the router with to many NAT requests?

Any help would be greatly apprieated, as i have read through this, and other forums, to find a solution but nothing seems to work.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and hopefully, reply.


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Yeah, tried disabling DHT, no change either way.

When i patched TCIP.sys, I used EvID4226Patch and it simply asks for a number, i set it to 50, net.max_halfopen was set to 8 in uTorrent, after reading round a bit, i set it to 35 (70% of TCPIP Patch) and now my top speed is 18 with the same pattern?


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re-disable DHT.

And set net.max_halfopen back to 8 -- it's not a big deciding factor on speed, it only helps a little bit at connecting to a bunch of ips when you first start. Problem is, making a LOT of connections at once is one of the things D-link routers don't do very well...

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