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Client doesnt add torrents, but asks if i want to load trackers


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When I try to load a torrent to my client, no matter magnet or downloaded, it does not load the torrent. It just blinks one time doing nothing, and then if I try it again it says that the torrent is already loaded and asks if I want to add trackers etc.. But there is no torrent, nothing is downloading, nothing is happening. It happened a couple of year ago aswell and nobody could help me then. 

Reinstalling doesnt work in any way I have tried. Network settings, nothing of the obvious stuff helps. Last time I solved it by reinstalling my entire computer.Does anyone know an easier way of fixing this, than wiping the hard drive and reinstalling OS? I have tried googling recently but have not  found anything that matches my problem, but I have found closely related problems and tried fixing it with guides from other peoples problems with no success.

Please help me! 


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