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Utorrent Runtime Error Upon Startup - Help Required Please


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Hello Utorrent Community,

I am a first time poster here and I have used Utorrent since practically day 1 and never had an issue. I have updated from build to build to build of Utorrent and not had a single issue until tonight. When I clicked on my Utorrent program to check something, I got the following message which is in the attached photo.

As soon as I start Utorrent up, I get this message and I cant go any further and/or download any torrents. I was quick in one instance to click options and then preferences but within 2 seconds, the same message came back up.

Can anyone shed any light on this for me please as it has got me stumped. I did try and Google the issue but that wasn't much help at all and didn't help with anything. I last used Utorrent 2 weeks ago no issues at all and it wasnt until tonight that this message came up.

Any help would be appreciated.





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