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https://www.utorrent.com redirect


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Hello forums. I don't understand what is happening when I try and download utorrent. I type in (leaving spaces on purpose for example) : https : // www . utorrent . com (obviously without spaces) and my browser redirects me to http://ll.www.utorrent.com/intl/en/ (please don't visit this website)

Is this an official link from utorrent? I don't think so , but I'm not 100% nor do I understand why this is happening? I imagine it's from a virus/spyware/malware; the strange thing is that I bought a new laptop and haven't downloaded anything (except antivirus avast, chrome, firefox). So I'm lost as to what has happened and why I am being redirected to what virustotal.com says is a virus or malicious website.

Furthermore, I decided to download from this website to see what file is being downloaded instead of the expected utorrent.exe. Check the picture to see what chrome reads this as. I open up the set up wizard (hopefully this doesn't install anything immediately?) and just wanted to see what the first box looks like. Check the second picture.

This is as far as I've taken my troubleshooting. Makes me wonder if these forums are even legit *shifty eyes*. lol.

I've heard about the nasty malware attached to utorrent.exe (if you accidentally forget to uncheck the box, you can potentially download all these crappy toolbars, etc).

Could someone please enlighten me?


Edit: I also ran a virustotal.com scan. Is this normal?






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