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Automatic labels for TV Show downloads to specific folders???


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Hey everyone,

So i have seen some similar posts but nothing to the specificity that I am looking for.  Here is the setup and what I am looking to achieve:

I have an RSS feed with 20-30 shows on it.  When they download, they tend to download in huge chunks because of their air dates but they just go to my Downloads folder and then I manually move them where I want them.

I know I can change part of that but this is what I am looking for:  I want, say The Walking Dead (TWD), that once it finishes downloading to automatically move to my TVShows/TWD folder.  Now I know I can achieve this with labels but then that would require me every time an episode is downloading in utorrent to manually assign the label to the show so then it will go to the correct folder when its done.

Is there a way to AUTOMATICALLY have every new episode of TWD that comes down from my RSS feed, move when completed to the TVShows/TWD folder without me needing to manual do anything?  I am trying to achieve no interaction by anyone, just set it once in utorrent and forget it type of thing.

Just curious if something like that is feasible...

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