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Is it possible to facilitate an IRC or some kind of text communication within torrent pools? Like, I click one of my active torrents, select an option for 'chat,' and a chat window opens up. The chat obviously has no usernames, or any information at all really besides the text sent around by the peers. I have no idea what the actual structure of utorrent's network is, if every peer is connected to every other peer or it's allowed to be whatever configuration, but if the message could be included with the other data packets and reliably get to everyone in the pool with the chat open, it would be anonymous, right?

This may already exist somewhere but this is a very hard term to search cause of all the thousands of computer science things that involve the words 'communication' 'chat' 'network' etc. etc.

Or it may be impossible. Idk. But I was sitting here thinking it would be really cool if I could IM with whoever I'm sharing the digital bounty. Find out some totally random person's thoughts on XYZ.

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