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Occasional surges in utorrent speed HELP


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So I currently have version 1.8.7 (MAC) and my internet download speed is 50 Mbps (my internet package i mean not utorrent speed) but there is something really wrong with my downloads nowadays. What goes on is that I press stop on downloading the torrent then press start, the speed goes up to 800 kbps then gradually lowers to 1 kbps, then i press stop and start then the same thing happens. So the speed is high for about 10 seconds then it goes back to 1 kbps. (Ive already disabled firewall on utorrent). It was never like this before, this began to happen only when i downloaded the new version, my old version was fine. So i really think its something in the settings since im using torrents that have alot of seeds. My settings:

NETWORK: Port number: 45682, automatically map port (checked)

PREFERENCES: global limit: 500, per torrent limit: 2400, enable distributed hash table (checked) enable peer exchange (checked), encryption (FORCE)

these are the main settings, im guessing the problem is here. Please help i pay alot for fast internet speed, and it is fast when using google or anything else but very slow in utorrent.



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