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Issues installing in Win10


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I recently moved from Win7 to Win10. And just tried to install my favorite BitTorrent client, using the free version from the official site http://www.utorrent.com/intl/en/#comp-tbl

I have encountered several strange issues:

  1. Prior to the install I got some connecting redial?! Did it try using my work vpn connection. 
  2. After the install, upon trying to run the program I received an error I never previously saw "unable to load hta"

Also a little unrelated feedback:

  1. During the install as always you picked the wrong language.
  2. Maybe I forget to update my client on Win7 or this a new look for win10, but honestly it looks like god damn porn site with ADs and deals all around. I don't care about Bundles, pro labels, feeds, devices... with all washed out white :( Maybe my mind play tricks on me, but I seem to recall a more simple\solid skin, like on this forum.
  3. Also the links in the "µTorrent Troubleshooting FAQ" sticky are all broken except the very first one.
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