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Missing Completed Torrents And Numbers Help Required


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With apologies if I posted in the wrong location.

Two issues present themselves for which I request help :-

New torrents added to empty download list no longer numbered from 1.

First it was 2, then 3 etc, then I noticed corresponding Completed Torrents either vanish entirely, along with the .Torrent file, or vanish from the Torrent lists but the torrent remains in its download (pre move on completion) location, as does the .Torrent.

Please advise what logs etc you require me to upload (and how to find or generate them please).

OS is Win 7 64 bit.

Torrent is 3.4.5 (build 41865) [32bit].

Many thanks


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Each and every.

I have also done a search of the entire computer using explorer and in 2 cases, no such file found, in one case it was in its original download folder.

Also, for the one that vanished but didn't move, any attempt to re add the torrent gets the "The torrent already exists, do you wish to add..." but does not cause the torrent to appear in any lists.

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Thanks - I found the 3 missing torrents - all show as stopped.

Each, when clicked and "open containing folder" selected, open "My Documents" folder and no relevant file is there.

now when I do the same they all show in the torrents folder, all show as complete, none work.

Do I simply delete each torrent from there and then re-download the torrent and start again?

Is there anything i need to check or reset to preclude this from happening again?

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