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Please have a look at the picture I attached. At the bottom you will see a circle that is in the process of spinning. The circle keeps spinning and it wont load the content files of the torrent for me to select which one to download. If I click on OK then it just won't download anything . 

I have tried with bitTorrent but I get the same issue. 

Can you please HELP


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Thank you for your reply but I have no idea how to follow those 4 steps in the link... Everything was working fine, so I assume I can skip steps 1 and 2.

Step 3 tells me to "try torrents from Open Office"... What does that even mean? To try torrents from open office. I think there is a lot of assumed knowledge, that I clearly lack. Could you please tell me what to do exactly to "try torrents from Open office"?


p.s.  I have tried step 4 already but to no avail . Please note everything was working just fine until last week. No changes have been made to my OS (windows 10)  and/or antivirus (avast)

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