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Apply rate limit to uTP connection BUG


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Hey, this is a problem I've looked into, has been around since 2.x untill now. I'm not sure there's a solution, haven't seen any other than unchecking this option.

The thing is, whenever you check the "apply rate limit to uTP connection" option, your download speed drops from 1,5 MB/s or whatever your connection allows to a low 200, 100 kB/s, or even lower after a few seconds, even with a global DL limit of 0 (unlimited), 80% of your speed, 100%, more, less, no matter what config you have set.

I've seen clients work properly for some, but others cannot use any of the current clients without having the speed limits become useless because of this.

Is there any way of fixing this error?

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I've used other clients, they do work with limits and all. I've changed ports, checked firewall settings, checked issues with my ISP. It is a mystery, and quite sad, since uTorrent is by far the best client in terms of speed and resource consumption I've had.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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