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sharing after download completes


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Hi guyz

I got this problem hope someone can help - -

I would really like to continue sharing files after I finish to download them, but the problem is I can not leave them at this "downloads" general folder forever... at some point I would like to transfer those files to other parts of the drive or to another hard-drive all-together. It really sucks, cuz once you move them from your download folder - they are no longer shared and you are no longer a seeder, and you go on with your life knowing that you are a pathetic leecher which isn`t even your fault! 

isn`t there a way I could continue sharing the files from their new location? after all, it`s the same file, nothing has changed except for it`s  whereabouts. seems pretty silly if you have to leave all your downloads in the same original folder, isn`t it?

on the same note, if there is a way of doing that - can you also change the name of the file or do you have to leave it exactly as it was when downloaded? say if the file contains some marks like "_" or "-" and I wipe them off - can`t this file be shared anymore? again, after all it`s the exact same file minus it`s name...

hope I made myself clear! thanks ahead


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If am not mistaken you should be able to set an entire new save  folder in options. But to move a file to the new download folder after you've established it is very simple, but time consuming if you have a lot of files you want to transfer.



Click on the torrent that you want to move, then right click on that torrent go to advanced then select 'set download location'.

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