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Download only certain file types


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I was wondering whether it is possible in utorrent to download automatically (and without choosing manually) only certain file types, like .mp3, .mkv, .mp4, .avi and exclude all the other files found in the torrent?

In fact, from work I am using Chrome's extension Remote Torrent Adder by clicking on magnet links from a torrent site. Everything is working perfectly, my torrent starts downloading at home but I'd like utorrent to choose automatically which extensions to download or not. Be able to setup a rule like download only mkv file larger than 100Mb only etc. would be ideal.


uTorrent version is 3.4.5 build 41865 32-bit running on Windows 10 64-bit
Forget about Remote Torrent Adder, let's say I click on a magnet link on my computer, can I make utorrent download only certain filetypes?

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Since no one know what version your own help is almost impossible to do and since REmote torrent adder isn't utorrent nothing we can do about what it does. Since we also don't know what site your referring to trying to answer also is impossible to do here. Unless is complete torrent file that has parts inside of it that you can not download but parts I can see utorrent downloading only those but since we have nothing to look at nothing can be said here.

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