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did all the port forward stuff, no effect


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I've read all the FAQs, did everything it says... now for the first time, instead of having the NAT error, I have a green checkmark that when scrolled over says network is ok. However, even after leaving it on all day, the speed is still under 10 kb/s. The torrent has 203 seeders and 1336 peers, so lack of availibility isn't the problem... also, my router is not listed under the torrents who have a bad UPnP problem. What could be my problem and how do I fix it?

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sometimes you have to wait. especially if you are using sp2 with the min half open ports. may need to be patched to increase it

what's your connection? if it's fast (hi end 3 digits to 4 digits) then configure the client to connect to more peers

azureus has a problem with making too many connections to the tracker. 1 az user may contribute 1000 connections by himself so torrent stats are misleading. i would go into the peer list to see if there's one person making up most of the swarm.

a peer who improperly stopped a torrent will make them appear they are still active. maybe most of them did this

perhaps many of the peers are on dialup? check the peer list and note their speeds (if possible)

if this is from a chinese tracker then use bitcomet as nat traversal may be needed

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