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Slow speed with 1Gbit's connection


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My setup is a mac mini i7 quad core, 8gb ram, 1tb samsung evo basic ssd, el captian with filevault on and a FTTH 1gbps connection. 

On speedtest.net i get around 940/920 mbps. When i donwload some files over sftp from my online.net dedicated server I get speeds around 100 MB's. 

With utorrent, Transmission, Deluge, qbittorrent and  my speed never go over 50 MB's. I tried to play with the cache settings, max peers etc. With my online dedicated server i easily reach 110MB's on the same torrents. I saw that another forum member has the same issue with a very similar setup. Is this a common issue on mac osx? Is there a solution? It sucks to have speeds between 30-50 MB's on a 1gbps connection :cry: if there is no solution i will switch the OS to Windows.
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