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Blurry fonts with display scaling on Windows 10 (solution for Utorrent)


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My uTorrent started to look blurry on Windows 10.

I click the “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings” checkbox in the properties window, I apply the changes, turn on uTorrent and it looks fine. Unfortunately after I restart uTorrent (or Windows restart), this checkbox is unchecked.

And I must again go into file properties and check this checkbox. Very annoying..

Utorrent.exe just disable it after start, do not know the reason.


This is the solution: We set check box automatically with cmd file before starting utorrent, then start utorrent.

This is for any version of Utorrent.

Result: One-click desktop shortcut to start utorrent.


You can download complete files (skip this section and read below) and edit it or

create your files like that:


1. Create file with reg extension with name "utorrent disable scaling.reg".

add this text:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers]
"C:\\Users\\Alex\\AppData\\Roaming\\uTorrent\\uTorrent.exe"="~ HIGHDPIAWARE"


Instead of  C:\\Users\\Alex\ set your windows profile name (go to C\Users\FindYourDirName)

Save reg file.


2. Create utorrent.cmd file.

Add this text:

reg import "utorrent disable scaling.reg"

2.1. Instead of  c:\Users\Alex - set yourrpofilename, like it was with reg file

Save cmd file. In Explorer click right mouse on utorrent.cmd and select "send to desktop (create shortcut)"
Both files must be in one folder.


I attached both files in zip, but change paths (change to your name instead of my \Alex\) in reg and cmd files before using (press right click on each file - select edit from menu).

Now always start Utorrent.cmd from desktop shortcut - it will be always looks pretty with sharp fonts without blurry effect.



utorrent scaling.zip

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6 hours ago, PiusX said:

This is a resolution and graphics driver setting issue and isn't related to utorrent.

In general, this is the problem of a scaling system of Win 10 (it begans from Vista - maybe you remember checkbox "Use XP style scaling" that can disable this scaling in Vista and Win 7). Really it is done poorly - images and fonts looks blurry on high dpi (125 and higher) with high resolution cause of low quality stretching, on various PCs.

But user can disable scaling forcibly for any selected app with "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" checkbox.

But, Utorrent.exe resets this checkbox exactly after start - You can see that with Procmon registry filter.

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