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Always Some Missing pieces Found?


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i download a lot of games 10GB+.. i use a desktop pentium 4 and because of a electrical shortfall here in pakistan ..some times the electrical grid goes offline unannounced . The problem is to be sure my torrents were not affected i started forced rechecking of my torrents when they completed and to my surprise their are always some chunks missing etc 8mb,20 or even 40mbs. i download straight to my internal HDD (d drive).The Hard disk is in pristine condition no error no noise. i use windows xp sp3.

I can't seem to figure this out even after force rechecking it downloads the missing chunks ,i remove the torrent from utorrent list and in the Hard disk i place it back in downloading folder and VIA torrent URL i download the same torrent , it again find same size chunks again.

i also moved the completed torrent to external 2TB drive and forced rechecked it ,the problem remains the same it finds more chunks or pieces missing!

Finally i dont always select the whole torrent ..if i dont need some files etc russian language or dlc i deselect it and i know this is cause the torrent to always find missing pieces and i think this is the problem!

i also  have a backup which i refresh twice a month (an Image of windows) which i restore so that windows doesnt contains any errors.

really appreciate it if somebody could help thanks!

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FYI, I had the same problem with some 3.4.6 alpha/beta builds within this year, exactly only with the slackware torrents.

They have been at 100% without any problem for years but immediatly lost some % to get finished. With one of the latter builds that problem was fixed again. Perhaps this is a similar issue. So make sure you use the latest stable build 3.4.6 (build 42094 atm).

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i updated my client to latest stable build as of april 14,2016 also xp to win 7 but still problem persists. i also contacted one of the torrent creators on the advice of Piusx ( advice is advice) he told me that it was a faulty ram issue. i ran windows memory diagnostic it did 2 pass took 20 min and logged into windows .. event log saying no problems.

after reading some forums ,searching google ..hypothetical scenario ,  downloading a new torrent,lets say " it has 4 rar files,1-4". i select 2 and 4 download it. it completes download. then i force recheck it ( this is wat tech gurus are saying on forums)  force re-check always removes some chunks in the beginning and end of the torrent ..hence the missing pieces( in this  scenario only ,not when all the files are selected).

i've actually given up on this ..this was only a follow up.


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