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Single file speed limit 600kBs


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I transfer a lot of large files to one specific user.  We both have fairly fast bandwidth, but the files are always speed capped at a little over 600kBs.  We've looked through every option available and found nothing, unless something is well hidden. The only thing that makes sense is that my ISP is throttling the speed.  What I HAVE found is that the speed cap is per-file.  So to maximize our transfer speed, I'll split the file into ten parts, create ten individual torrents, and send them to my friend.  He'll fire them all up at once, and each file will transfer at 600kBps, essentially 10 times as fast as if we'd just tried torrenting the one large file.

Does this sound like anything fixable?  Splitting the file and creating ten torrents is a bit of a PIA.  Alternatively, is there another SIMPLE p2p file transfer utility out there?

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