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Connecting to peers


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Hi Im new to torrent and have started torrenting of late but recently I'm unable to Download torrents due to my ISP,the worst part is not a single ISP is there in my country that doesn't restrict torrent speed due to this Seeding is next to impossible.

I'm in Windows 10,Torrent 3.4.5 free version with bit defender being my antivirus and also a layer of Windows firewall being active by default

I have given exception to Torrent in anti-virus as well as the firewall but still the download speed is terribly low(0.5 Kb/s). In spite of having good no of seeders for that particlar download ther's no difference

Right now I have 5 torrents to download of which 2-3 are stuck at 55% and won't move towards 100%

All the 5 torrents are giving the Connecting to Peers.

What can be done to improve the situation

Plz help

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Utorrent has nothing to do with your ISP throttle or blocking. You can't get more until more seeders or peers come online. You can't control what the other sides does. ISP blocks means you need to talk to you ISP about using utorrent on their network and that is between you and your ISP.

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