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Stupid popup add covering whole window!


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So i get it, u want people to have a premium version. 
Making a popup add that covers whole window and have "Links" that does not work to click on, or no way of turning it of unless u exit the program might not be the wisest idea to make people want to support you though. I can not for the world imagine this is a unintentional problem. At least make it so that when you click the X of the add it actually goes away. 

If I try and remove the actual thing doing this (utorrentie.exe) it removes the graphics for the add but the layer over my screen remains (and teh script gets downloaded again) and I have to actually close the utorrent program to get rid of it.

This means ofc I can not add/remove torrents, i can not change settings as the screen is covered in a layer from the ad that covers the whole screen and makes it impossible to do anything but open task manager to end the process.

is there a fix for this, or is this how you want to advertise your product?

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The pop up accrues in the torrent cliend WHEN you add a torrent, this is no other malware . The add is for making utorrent premium, and with a link to try it (does nto work).

To disable adds in teh client you have to use a premim client (as far as I know) and that is what the popup wants me to get  btw, but you cant click on any of the links in the popup as they dont work ^^

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