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I may have downloaded content that was illegal by accident.

I don't get how torrents work.

Like if I've leeched/seeded a file, is there a permanent record somewhere that I've done so with my IP address somewhere?
I was seeding it for a few hours by accident. I have since deleted uTorrent.

Let's just say if someone were to look into a file's downloaders/uploaders, would they be able to see a history of everyone who did so? Or can they only see who is currently leeching/seeding at that exact moment.


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If the torrent you downloaded was Copyright protected like Movies that is what will get you flagged then most files they could care less. Your on a seeder/swarm list so your IP is listed there and you ISP knows what you downloaded. This is going beyond utorrent usage and if you feel that is beyond what your doing then download from legit sites or files that no one cares about.

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