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tracker offline timeout


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I was downloading torrents from a pt,and the tracker update speed was very slow,if I don't use a vpn,the tracker always show offline timeout.

My client is utorrent 3.4.x,and may be all versions with 3.x.x has this problem,but I use the version 2.2.1,not have this problem,although the connecting time was very slow,but at last,it will be connected succesfully.

so I want to ask where I can set the parameters from utorrent 3.4.x to fix this problem,or can you fix this problem at next versions,just like the 2.2.1.

this makes me very confused,if I use a vpn,than the speed was limited,and if i don't use vpn,I just can't download because the tracker is offline,I hope you can help me.

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