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Downloads Stop at Random Percentage.


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I've tried to download a show and at a random percentage it will stop downloading, but it won't give an error or anything. On uTorrent it looks like it's still working fine, but no matter how long I wait it won't continue. I've even tried downloading the same thing from a different person. Same result, different percentage. I've tried a power cycle, I tried using Hola instead, I've tried using different IPs (on both Hola and PrivateInternetAccess), still same results. 




-Windows 10

-Version 3.4.6 (42178)

-Using Time Warner

-Using Kaspersky Anti-Virus, AdBlock Plus, Hola (disabled), and PrivateInterneAccess

note: I have the same problem with Vuze, so I know it's a problem on my end, I was just hoping the uTorrent forum would be a bit more helpful. 

uTorrent: show 1 version 1: stops at .5%

Vuze: show 1 version 1: stops at .5%

uTorrent: show 1 version 2: stops at 47.2%

Vuze: show 1 version 2: stops at 47.2%


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