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Peers not connecting


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I have a brand new PC, i7-6700k, 16GB DDR4, 1TB HHD (read >80MB/s) and a 1gbit internet connection (both up and down). I want to use some of the internet bandwidth to seed some legal torrents, but so far I have not been able to seed with more than a few (1-3) MB/s.

e.g. one of the torrents 18GB, has 6 seeds and 13 peers, yet 0 peers are connecting to me.

I have the latest version of µTorrent installed, 3.4.6.

For some reason I can see that the torrents have many Peers waiting, yet none is connecting to me.

When I perform a “unban”, most of the shown IP’s are or 192.168.1.X (my PC). It also shows a couple of IP’s that are not mine and most likely are peers(?)


Why do the peers not connect to me????




-          UPnP enabled

-          NAT-PMP enabled

-          Random port disabled

-          Firewall exception enabled


The right bottom corner shows a green check (most of the time)

The router shows that the set port is indeed in the UPnP settings, and allowing traffic through.



-          Max upload speed: 100000

-          Alternate upload rate disabled

-          Download speed: 112500

-          “Global Rate Limit Options” all disabled

-          Global max. num. of conn.: 5000

-          Max. num. of connected peers per torrent: 500

-          Number of upload slots per torrent: 250

-          Additional upload slots disabled.



-          All checked besides Limit local peer bandwidth

-          Outgoing: Forced + allow legacy enabled.



-          Top to bottom: 100, 120, 200%, 0, 0

-          None checked

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using those settings, yet "max num of active torrents = 25" and "max num of active downloads = 30" gives a download speed of 45MB/s for the slackware torrents, but the upload still is only 1-4MB/s. The slackware torrents don't upload, and their tracker provides the message:

Your client's "key" parameter and the key we have for you in our database do not match.  AND   requested download is not authorised for use with this tracker

Of the 500+ peers in the list, with 24 torrents, i am serving exactly "1" peer data

I also get allot of these messages

[2016-04-10 18:43:46]  recvfrom ERROR: 10035

[2016-04-10 18:46:57]  [uTP](NAME): [μTorrent 3.4.6 (99.7)]: Got Cancel Unrequested: 2546:147456->16384

And when i run the "unban" thing, it shows alot of non-me IP's that got banned somehow....

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