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"Add New Torrent" window is always blank (on 1 of 3 Macs)


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I'm running uTorrent 1.8.7 for Mac. Several months ago, I noticed that the Add New Torrent window stopped displaying the available files, preventing me from deselecting files I didn't need. The area where available files are normally displayed simply remains blank. But once I hit OK, downloading proceeds normally (except it's all files, instead of just those I need).

I've installed and tested uTorrent on two, secondary Macs (at the same location), and the Add New Torrent window on both of those machines behaves as expected. I tried deleting uTorrent (and all related files) on my main machine, then reinstalling, to no avail.

What could be causing the Add New Torrent window on my primary machine to remain blank?

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