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Hello dear uTorrent staff.

When I open the uTorrent window, with all my active torrents, the first torrent is automatically preselected. When I right-click on another torrent and delete it, the first, preselected torrent is also deleted. In my opinion, that is not what should happen, only the torrent I clocked on should be deleted. In addition, it is awfully annoying.

By the way, is there a way to restore the torrent so that the uTorrent remembers how many times I had uploaded it previously?

The bug occurred in version 3.4.5. No idea if this was already mended in version 3.4.6.


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Using, I don't see that.

For me, a torrent only remains highlighted if I click it before closing interface (with X), then restoring interface. If no torrent is selected before X-ing the interface, no torrent is highlighted when opening the interface.

Regardless, if I highlight first torrent, X the interface then restore interface, as soon as I right click on any torrent below it, the first (top torrent) is simply unselected and the right-clicked one selected instead. Deleting that (lower) torrent only deletes that torrent and not any others.

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