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Unable to get downloads to start.


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I've just got this new laptop that updated to Windows 10 first thing after I turned it on. Once it was complete I got around to setting up uTorrent, but when i got around to testing it, it stuck on connecting to peers and not populating the Peer or Seed columns. I thought it might have something to do with the Windows Firewall, but even looking through that found nothing, still felt it was a problem. Installed AVG Internet Security Suite and was able to download like normal, for a while. Several hours passed. I came back to start some downloads and was greeted with uTorrent once again sticking on "connecting to peers, but this time at least populating the Peer and Seed columns with numbers, just no connections. I've checked the AVG firewall and things seem okay. I'm baffled, it's always been just install uTorrent and GO!

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