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"The device is not ready" error


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I will try to be short and simple.

Stick pc (running 24/7 with Utorrent v3.4.6) <---> External 3.5 HDD with it's own power source, connected directly into the pc via USB 2.0 port.

                                                                     <---> 3 port USB 3.0 hub with GB ethernet port, 1 mouse 1 keyboard 1 ethernet cable connected to it


From time to time (randomly, once in like 2 months), some of my active torrents (random amount of them) give the error "The device is not ready". If I force start them, they will go back to seed, and other torrents will give me the error again (random ones again, after a random amount of time, like 3-4-10 minutes). It happens a lot of times till I force restart all the torrents 2-3 times. Then the error disappears for 1-2-3 months. Then it's starting all over again.

- pc running 24/7

- nothing attached to it, so HDD's drive letter don't change

- HDD has external power source

- it's Windows 10 now but also happened on Win 8.1 before, with earlier versions of Utorrent also

- the pc can never go to sleep (turned off in the power settings, and also running Ginseng)


I'm clueless... any ideas are appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


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