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utorrent is not displayed in XP SP2,in user account


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I love utorrent,it is my favorite torrent program,because it is very simple

to use and configure,and is the fastest torrent program.

I  don't know if this is a bug,but this is the problem:

I have an old pc,with Windows XP Professional SP2,because this OS works the best on this old computer.

I installed utorrent,I have on my pc ,one administrator account and two limited accounts.

On admin. account utorrent appears ,also in control panel(add or remove programs) as installed,and it works fine.

On limited accounts utorrent doesn't appear,the same in control panel,and also it is not listed in program files-the situation looks like it has never been installed.

What can I do ?

How can I solve this?

I have an

AMD Athlon 1,8 GHz

1,25 GB RAM

400 GB HDD

Please help me.

Thank you

Best Regards




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