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Help! Service provider sending out copyright notices


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The Government of Canada requires by law that all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) let their clients know when content owners contact them about possible unauthorized use of the content owner's material such as illegal downloading of music, movies, TV shows, videos or games. As a result, we must let you know that we have received the below notification related to your account. 

Please note that receipt of a content owner's notice may not mean there has been any legal action against you. Seek legal advice if you are unsure whether or not the penalties or fines that may be contained in the attached are enforceable. The simplest way to prevent further alleged infringements is to make sure no one is using your account to illegally download material. 

For more information on why you received this notice, please visit: http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/oca-bc.nsf/eng/ca02920.html or contact the content owner directly. Please do not contact Bell as we do not have any further information to share with you. 

Thank you for your cooperation.


Dear Bell Canada/Consumer:

The Entertainment Software Association ("ESA") is a trade association that represents the intellectual property interests of numerous companies that publish interactive games for video game consoles, personal computers, handheld devices and the Internet in the United States of America, in Canada, and in other countries (collectively referred to as "ESA members").  ESA is authorized by its members to act their behalf when it believes their copyright and other intellectual property rights have been infringed.

You are receiving this notice from ESA because our organization has a good faith belief that on 2016-04-15T, the Internet access account associated with the following IP address, **********(i took that out) was used to distribute (upload and/or download) one or more video game files in a manner that violates one or more ESA members' exclusive rights under Canadian intellectual property laws, including the Copyright Act, R.S.C. 1985, c. C-42, as amended.  

Specifically, information at ESA's disposal indicates that someone using this account used a peer-to-peer service or software client to distribute and/or obtain one or more infringing copies of ESA members' games, including WITCHER 3, THE, and Bell Canada has forwarded this notice to you because the above-referenced IP address was associated with your account on the relevant date and at the relevant time.  Additional information about acts of infringement that have been engaged in by people who were accessing the Internet using your Internet access account can be found at the bottom of this notice. 


What do I do now?? This is my firs ttim egetting this after torrenting lots of games. Im pretty scared atm lmao. Sorry about  the long reading

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