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uTorrentPro "black" overlay.

MC theck

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For the past few months the ads in utorrent were trying to put viruses in my PC. And today it was just not responding or rarely responding.

So I decided to get the Pro version without ads,

I got a Windows 10 up to date.

       Norton Security also up to date.
                I tried with Norton and without norton (same result)

       I tried with or without the antivirus built-in uTorrent (same result)

When I start UTorrent everything seems fine. 

Then I add a torrent... and wait... and wait... after about 30 secs. a grey overlay goes on top of uTorrent and we see a white square as if there should be a dialog box there,,,

Lety's say I want to add a new torrent:

  1. Minimize uTorrent
  2. click link
  3. WAIT 30-50sec
  4. uTorrent opens' with grey overlay and white insert... and it's not responding
  5. click minimize... wait 30-50 sec...
  6. it minimizes, 

I'm sure this delay, and the black overlay is not normal.

I used to click and it would take 10-30 sec to load uTorrent and add the 1st torrent. The second and all the others would take about 0-5 sec to be added to the list.

Hoping you will find and answer to this.


P.S. in "help" there is a "My Pro Account" if I click that it also freezes uTorrent


02-AfterAdding a Torrent.jpg

Starting uTorrent.jpg

System Idle Process.txt


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