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Transfer only a few files from a .torrent file to another .torrent file


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I sometimes uses free seedboxes with space limitation, in reason of a block of torrents in my internet provider.

I want to download a torrent more than 2gb in total size (limit of the free seedboxes sites around)

 - - But, if i want only a 100mb selection of the same 2gb torrent file, the seedboxes sites dont let me do it

There is a way to reorganize the content of a torrent file, reselect the files to a new .torrent file with only 100mb (for example) ?


The closer i've got: http://superuser.com/questions/483285/how-to-edit-the-list-of-files-to-download-in-a-torrent-file


but not a clue about what to do...


Thanks since now!

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