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The downloaded torrent file might be incomplete

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I'm downloading the torrent which is the file size is about 63.8 GB. This download can take about weeks to finished. Today, there is a problem. When the utorrent is downloading the file, suddenly my computer shuts down by itself. It's gotta be a bsod because it shows the recovery error during the boot up after it shuts down. Everything is fine except utorrent. Usually the downloaded and the total size(done) should be same before this problem happen. But after this problem, is not the same. example : downloaded:34.5 GB & total size:63.8(34.4). I'm downloading this for long time about weeks. I'm not sure the torrent will be completed. I don't want to re-download this file again, or it will take another weeks to finished. Is there another way to fix this torrent without re-downloading the torrent? is the torrent file will be completed? As you know, I'm downloading the mlp:fim season 1-4. Please help!

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