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General disappointment about forum's usefullness


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I belong to a whole bunch of forums on various software products.  Forums are a valuable resource and enable a question/answer format to help resolve problems.  I have found forums to be an invaluable way to get answers to problems.

I was developing a utility script using the WebUI interface, I came here to ask for some help with my questions.  The underwhelming response (i.e. absolutely nothing) just amazed me.  Do the developers not monitor the forums at all?   If they do, do they not care enough to answer?  Do other users not care either?

I realize forums can't always provide the answers, but what I was asking should have piqued the interest and probably some answer from the development team.

One of my questions was regarding the obvious lack of up-to-date documentation for the WebUI.   This isn't specifically a forum problem, but a more general support problem; why doesn't the development team maintain the Doc. properly?   Yes, I know, I'm also a developer, documentation is a pain in the you know where, but if you have any pride in your work, you suck it up and do it.

And I'm not alone, there were several other forum threads where people were looking for up-to-date documentation.

I also asked about a problem with one of the action verbs in the WebUI.  Similar total lack of response.  So I am now sitting with a script which does 99% of what I want, but the last 1%, the real reason for its existence doesn't work.  Making all my remaining efforts useless.

And the forum moderators and developers are completely silent.

What good are the forums?  Right now my answer would be they are useless.


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