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Where do the torrents go?


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I picked a torrent to download. When Utorrent opened up it opened the window that asks where I want to download the contents of the torrent to. I accidentally closed this window down so I went back to the website where I found the torrent and chose to download it again. Utorrent came back to the foreground of my screen but instead of giving me the same window asking where I want the contents of the torrent to go, it came up with a message window saying, "The torrent you are trying to load is already in the list. Do you want to load the trackers from it?"

It isn't in the list!! I am looking at the list of torrents that I have downloading and the torrent that I am referring to is not one of them. What do I do because I do not know how to download the torrent that I want as Utorrent seems to think it is already downloading it. Please help!!

I cannot figure out where the actual torrents get saved. Anyone?

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