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Skipped Files Downloading and utorrent.dat file huge size


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I recently downloaded a torrent file which contains various comics nearly 30 gigs I skipped the ones I didn't want and started the download for some selected ones nearly 10 gigs. My Completed Bytes column shows 10.6 gigs but the download is not stopping, it is still downloading. The files marked with priority as normal are all 100% downloaded some skipped files are downloaded only a bit, is there a problem? And ~uTorrentPartFile_ is of 6 gigs can I delete this assuming I copy all the files I want to a separate folder and force remove the torrent? Thanks in advance. Awaiting your replies.



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10 hours ago, DreadWingKnight said:

Cross-file pieces are why those files are downloading and the partfile is as large as it is.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO way to avoid it short of downloading the entire torrent.

Thanks for the reply.Now that my download has "somehow" stopped without me doing anything is it ok for me to delete the .dat file?? The torrent appears to have downloaded now but when I restart my PC some other time it resumes downloading from 35 % approx. This has happened for about 3-5 times this week.

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