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Not sure if it's a bug but...i've got this little problem...


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i'm not sure if i'm at the right topic...but i think it's a bug...(to me anyways)

anyways,here's what i'm using:

WinXP SP 2

Intel Celeron M 1.3GHz


no router,directly connecting to the network using cable broadband(using a Motorolla Surfboard Cable modem)

Windows firewall:allowed all incoming connection for uTorrent

Norton Anti-Virus 2005 anti protect:allowed all incoming connection for uTorrent

getting a green circle in uTorrent when downloading(with both 1.5 and 1.6 (build 474))

i upgraded from uTorrent 1.5 to uTorrent 1.6 (build 474) via the Help>Check for updates.

After updating,i find new features which is kinda cool.but i noticed that after the update,my download speed seems to gradually slow down.i download 3 torrents at a time and this problem occured.the first downloading torrent is downloading with normal speed(i usually download at around 60kb/s for each torrent)but the second and third torrents seems to download and upload really low(i capped my uploads at 150kb/s)at speeds less than 3kb/s for download and a low 0.2kb/s for upload.i tried changing the preferences a little but nothing seemed to work.so i've decided to revert back to uTorrent version 1.5.my download and upload rates went back to normal.

i'm wondering if there's other users having the same problem and if there's anyway to fix this?

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i've already allowed the new version of uTorrent in Norton Anti-Virus 2005 and even allow all incoming connections to the port i'm using for uTorrent.i did all the neccassary configuration to my windows firewall as well.basically,i configured everything to allow uTorrent all incoming connections similar to a new installation of uTorrent.also,when i uninstalled uTorrent 1.6 and reinstalled uTorrent 1.5,the download speed got back to normal...

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