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Torrent - finding peers


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I recently changed my internet connection to NTT with the ISP Plala. After that I am not able to download or upload any torrents. It just shows the status as Finding Peers(0.0%)... . I checked the tracker status as it shows the following information :

DHT : not allowed

Local Peer Discovery : not allowed

Peer Exchange : not allowed

http://tracker.desitorrents.com:6969/002..../announce : offline (timed out).

I have unchecked the two check boxes Enable DHT Network and Enable DHT network for new torrents in Preferences.

While searching for similar type of errors I read that the ISP is blocking the torrents. Can any one help to remove this option?




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Thanks for the reply. The site is not down as I am able to access other contents. I am not blocked as My Upload ration is 5 times more than my downloads.  I read in some forums who use the same ISP (Plala) has the same issue which remains unresolved . Any suggestions ?? 

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