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why doesn't BTGUARD work when downloading Game of Thrones??


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So I paid for a subscription with BTGuard...I set up the software to work with UTorrent. I tested it with other torrents and it seemed to work fine. I checked to make sure UTorrent verified that BTGuard was working okay. If you click on "Files" under the torrent "BTGuard_Torrent_IP_Check.Gif" it says "BTGuard is working okay"

My questions are as follows, why when I tried to download Game of Thrones last Sunday night did it place the torrent in que, but not start to download the torrent? Under the status of the torrent it said "downloading" but there wasn't any bandwidth being transferred to the torrent itself. I then proceeded to revert all Utorrent's settings back to their default settings and the torrent then started to download as per usual.

I did notice however I didn't get the usual warning email from my service provider (Bell in Canada) Next question...because I selected the torrent while still having the proxy in place, did that initiate the torrent under the false IP...and then once I reverted back to the default settings (erasing BTGuard settings) it still downloaded the file under the fake IP??

If I can choose the torrent under the fake IP (proxy) and then revert back to Utorrent's original settings to have it downloaded without my service provider knowing I'd be fine with that!

Can someone help me here either by answering my questions with verified answers to direct me to how I can get this software working flawlessly. I've gone through BTGuards detailed installation instructions. My version of Utorrent which is varified to work with Btguard is 2.0.3

Please advise...Thanks.

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