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Seeding question


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Hi all!

I hope someone can assist with this.  I am brand new at this and have been trying to make heads or tails regarding all the terms, protocol etc.

Now from what I've read the acceptable protocol is to leave the client open after seeding until at least a seeding ratio of 1:1 have been reached. I live in a third world country where we have nowhere near the bandwidth speeds you would for example see in America or Europe. I currently have a 2 meg line with throttling from my ISP from 70 Gig up.

My question is: would my seeding downloaded files make any difference whatsoever? I left a 380 mb file open to seed for about 24 hours and had seeding ratio of 0.235. Or is that normally how long it takes for such a small file to seed?

Your feedback would be appreciated! I do not want to be seen as a leech and would love to give back, just wondering if mine is even noticeable against first world country inputs. 

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